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"Ernie and his staff at The EDGE have perfected the method of breaking down high-level wrestling skills for students of all ages. Experience and age are a nonfactor with the system of teaching Ernie has developed. To gain an Edge and become the best, there is no other place to train."

Donny Pritzlaff
2x NCAA Champion 
4x Division 1 All-American 
World Freestyle Bronze Medalist

"The Edge School of Wrestling truly lives up to its name. The combination of mental, physical and technical training is unmatched amongst wrestling clubs, and provides students with the opportunity to take their wrestling to a higher level. Ernie Monaco and his staff teach lessons to young wrestlers that are vital both on and off the mat. I can attribute much of my success at the high school and college level to my time spent learning at the Edge."

Matt Valenti 
2x NCAA Champion 
3x All-American

"Ernie Monaco is unquestionably the best coach I have ever worked with and I've trained all over the world with coaches at every level of this sport.  He simply has an extraordinary talent for breaking down technique and finding unique ways to teach his students.  The lessons I learned under Ernie's tutelage carried me through my high school, college, and senior wrestling career.  It is a testament to the program that I utilized the same drills, techniques, and lessons I originally learned at the edge as a Division I college wrestling coach.  Furthermore, there is no other program on the high school level that addresses the mental aspects of high-level competition as well as Ernie and Edge coaching staff.  The edge prepares its athletes physically and mentally to reach success on all levels.  The track record of its athletes speaks for itself.  Lastly, I must mention that Ernie's character and commitment to his athletes are unsurpassed in the coaching world.  It is no coincidence that many of his former students call him our mentor and friend long after our high school years.  There is no other person I would rather have mentoring my child for wrestling and life in general.  The Monaco family and Edge community have been one of the most positive influences in my wrestling career and life.  I owe so much of my success to them that I fear the debt can never be repaid.  Thank you all and please keep up the excellent work."

Glenn Pritzlaff 
NCAA Champion 
2X NCAA All-American 
University National Freestyle Champion 
3X NJ State Champion (2X Outstanding Wrestler)

"I would not be the wrestler or person that I am today if it weren't for Ernie Monaco.   His technique and ways of teaching are superior and can only be compared to the likes of someone like John Smith." 

Zack Esposito 
NCAA Champion 
2x All-American
Junior National Champion 
3x National Prep Champion

"I have wrestled with and coached wrestlers trained by the Edge and was always amazed at their ability to make the extremely tough transition to Division I wrestling. In my time as an assistant coach at Lehigh and head coach at Princeton University I always recruited kids from the edge because I knew that would have the solid wrestling foundation that is necessary to be successful in college. Simply put, Ernie and his staff know what is necessary to be successful in wrestling and are highly effective in teaching those skills to young wrestlers." 

Chris Ayres 
Head Wrestling Coach
Princeton University 
NCAA All-American 

"A lot of people believe that the Edge is only for the “great” kids.  I am proof to the contrary.  I came to the club as a 13-7 wrestler who was 4th in the District as a sophomore.  I finished my career with a 54-3 record over my junior and senior seasons, with two region titles and a state Bronze medal.  I owe it ALL to Ernie and his staff.  Ernie taught me a new respect for the sport and the young men who compete in it.  I try to model myself as a coach and an educator as this great man.  If you are looking for a place where your son can learn fundamentally sound wrestling in a truly positive environment, look no further!  This place is incomparable!"

Bryan Stoll
Head Wrestling Coach 
Delbarton High School

"The Edge is by far the best wrestling school in New Jersey. It's former and current wrestler's accomplishments speak for themselves. I highly recommend the Edge to anyone who is serious about wrestling." 

Jason Silverstein 
NCAA Div 1 All-American 
National Prep Champion 

"Going to the Edge and training under Ernie Monaco gave me the confidence and technical ability to know nothing would stop me from being a champion. The Edge is not a just a wrestling school, it's a way of life." 

Junior Nardone 
2x New Jersey State Champion 

"Training at The Edge with Ernie and his family made my wrestling dreams a reality. If you want to make your dreams a reality, there's only one place to train." 

Armando Nardone
3x Division 3 All-American
NJ State Champion
2x State Finalist

"Sending my sons to train with Ernie, at the Edge, was the only coaching decision I ever had to make. The rest is history. It was like being a part of a big family. The only difference, when we have our reunions you could find most of the boys playing in the middle of the mat. During the State Finals, of course." 

Emilio "Moe" Nardone Sr.

"Where else can a young wrestler walk into a room with NCAA Champions and All-Americans to help him get to the next level? I was an Edge Wrestler and now my son is."

Peter Coleman 

"Simply put The Edge is the best place for wrestlers to train. Over the past 25, Owner and Founder Ernie Monaco has developed a system proven to work with wrestlers at all levels, from the beginner, to state champions, to NCAA Champions to Olympic hopefuls. I attended The Edge through my four years of High School, and Ernie's system was directly responsible for assisting me in achieving my goals. After college, I coached at the High School and Recreation level for five years and when parents and kids asked which club they should attend if they were interested in improving, every time and without hesitation, I would say, "The Edge is the only place". Ernie's coaching philosophy encompasses the mental, as well as the physical aspects of wrestling, truly providing all his students an Edge over their competition!" 

Michael Priore

"I can safely say that I have known Ernie Monaco and his family since the very first day my sons, Michael and Gregory as children, began to train in Ernie’s father’s basement in Nutley, New Jersey. The mere fact that Ernie, and the Edge Wrestling Club, is truly legend now is not hard to fathom. From those early days, when both my wife Abbey and myself sat and listened to his teaching and truly caring manner, it’s no wonder that success and Wrestling royalty have been bestowed on Ernie and all of the great young men that have carried on the Edge tradition, my sons included....... Today I can assuredly say that Ernie Monaco Jr, has absolutely earned the kudos great praise and honors bestowed upon him. From my wife Abbey and myself, my two sons Gregory and Michael we genuinely congratulate you and The Edge Wrestling Club and wish you and your family the absolute best." 

God Bless You
Antonio Francesca 
Author: The Card House 

"I've had many coaches' throughout my wrestling career and have seen a variety of others at work.  Ernie is easily at the top of the list as a coach, teacher, and mentor.  His coaching style is obviously effective and he is great at providing specific technique for each individual's style and breaking down the sport in a unique and understandable way.  He is responsible for most of the great wrestling names we've had in NJ and the country over the past 15-20 years and his influence is now breaking onto the olympic level."  

Brian Muir

"Not only did our boys become better wrestlers but they became better people.  Ernie is one of the finest people we have ever met.  His love and dedication to the sport of wrestling and to developing fine young men, goes above and beyond anyone's expectations.  Some of the BEST wrestlers in the U.S. will tell you that they learned from Ernie Monaco.  THANKS ERNIE!" 

The Lewis Family

"The Edge School of Wrestling offers a unique training opportunity and provides the highest level of technical expertise available anywhere.  The Edge is by far the premier club to train.  The amount of knowledge one gains under Ernie Monaco goes beyond the mat.  The Edge not only prepares you for success in a match, it prepares you for success in life--that is why I advocate it as the only place to train."

Nick Angen
2x NJ State Champion

"Since training at the edge both my physical and technical skills had greatly improved.  Ernie's teachings are ones that I applied through college, and now use in my own coaching. There is no wrestling school that can compare."

Michael De Luca
2x Division 3 All-American
NJ State Runner-up
Assistant Coach: Queen of Peace High School

"Without the help of the Edge and the staff there, I would have never had the success in this sport of champions.  Ernie provided me and my brothers with the technique needed for success and the best workout partners in the state.  No other wrestling school has been around this long and produced so many champions.  You need a place to train?  This is a no-brainer.  History speaks for itself." 

Joshua Cardinale
NJ State Runner-up
High School Coach

"Ernie and the other coaches at the edge have the ability to find what works best for your wrestler and develop it no matter what the age.  The skills and confidence that the boys develop training there are skills for the mats as well as skills for life.  The hardest work and most fun my son ever had was training at the Edge. Thanks Ernie, thanks Edge."

Ross Gitomer
National Prep Champion

"The technique and attitude that I have learned at Edge are used at the highest levels of wrestling. Ernie's experience and knowledge of the sport have allowed me to become successful. The people involved with this program are the best people I know, on and off the mat. If you want to be good in this sport, The Edge is where you should train."

Lori Cohen

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