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2020 Tyrant Duals

Wrapping up a tough weekend of competition at the #2020 Tyrant Wrestling Duals! Our elementary and middle school teams battled it out with some of the best kids in the country!


A special shoutout to a few of our top performers across both of our teams.

Nick DiFrancescantonio, 6-2 (OW for ES)
Carson Walsh, 7-1
Ryan Ford, 8-0 (OW for MS)
Lou Cerchio, 7-1
Vincenzo LaValle, 6-2

2020 Kenilworth Tournament

Ringing in the New Year in style at the inaugural Robert Jeans, Jr. Memorial tournament! Congratulations on bringing home a bunch of hardware and we'll see you in 2020!


Dave Bubnowski / 2nd place
Frankie Spagnola / 1st place
Aidan Yarussi / 2nd place
Jacob Richardson / 1st place
Anthony DiAndrea / 1st place
Anthony Pellegrino / 1st place
Najati Salim / 3rd place

2019 VAC Holiday Duals

Back to the lab after a long weekend of wrestling at the 2019 #VAC Holiday Duals in Virginia Beach, VA. Some of the toughest competition in the nation, and our boys represented themselves well - congratulations to everyone who made the trip and put it on the line!


Brody Neill, 68 lbs.
Carson Walsh, 80 lbs.
Ryan Ford, 100 lbs.
Nick Orejola, 100 lbs.
Lou Cerchio, 140 lbs.
Vin LaValle, 160 lbs.


And a special shoutout to those who earned All-American status and brought home some hardware!

Brody Neill / 9-1 (Silver)
Carson Walsh / 10-0 (Gold)
Ryan Ford / 9-1 (Silver)
Lou Cerchio / 10-0 (Gold)

2019 Freestyle & Greco-Roman Nationals

Another year at the USA Wrestling Kids Freestyle & Greco-Roman Nationals is in the books! We brought a contingent of 17 wrestlers halfway across the country, and came home with an impressive 13 All-American finishes and a national title! Congratulations to everyone who put in the work made the trip, and battled it out with some of the nation’s best!


#Freestyle All-Americans —

Carson Walsh, 14u / 71 lbs. - 3rd place
Donny Almeyda, 14u / 83 lbs. - 4th place
Nick Orejola, 14u / 87 lbs. - 3rd place
Lou Cerchio, 14u / 130 lbs. - 3rd place
Frank Spagnola, 12u / 58 lbs. - 8th place
Cameron Sontz, 12u / 67 lbs. - 3rd place
Brody Neill, 10u / 67 lbs. - National Champ
Anthony Riotto, 8u / 56 lbs. - 2nd place
Ceiran Sontz, 8u / 70 lbs. - 8th place


#Greco-Roman All-Americans

Brody Neill, 10u / 67 lbs. - 3rd place
Nico Marchetti, 10u / 67 lbs. - 6th place
Tommy Marchetti, 10u / 71 lbs. - 8th place
Anthony Riotto, 8u / 56 lbs. - 2nd place

2019 Junior Nationals

#TeamNJ touched down from #Tulsa and competed in the 2019 USA Wrestling Junior National Duals. We want to welcome home Kelly Dunnigan and Alex Almeyda, both of whom had undefeated showings out there!


New Jersey earned a spot in the Gold pool, and finished up 7th in the nation. On their pursuits to remarkable records, Kelly pinned 4 of his 8 opponents in a total of 3 minutes and 37 seconds, while Alex outscored his opponents 67-12 (not including his fall). Their impressive 8-0 records earned them each a spot on the All-Tournament team!


Kelly Dunnigan, 106 lbs. (NJ), 8-0
Alex Almedya, 113 lbs. (NJ), 8-0


Congratulations to everyone who earned the privilege of representing #TeamNJ this year.

2019 Schoolboy Nationals

The New Jersey Schoolboy/Girl National Team brought a couple of squads out to #Indianapolis for the 2019 USA Wrestling Schoolboy (14u) National Duals! We want to welcome back all EIGHT #edgekids who represented the Red and Blue teams out there!


Carson Walsh, 71 lbs.
Donny Almeyda, 83 lbs.
Nick Orejola, 87 lbs.
Luke Stanich, 97 lbs.
Cross Wasilewski, 106 lbs.
Zach Ballante, 125 lbs.
Vincenzo LaValle, 165 lbs.
Luca Levine, 165 lbs.


Carson, Donny, Cross, Zach, and Vin helped lead the Red team to the Gold pool, where they finished 6th in the nation. Carson was named to the All-Tournament team after going undefeated on the weekend! #alltournamentteam

Carson Walsh, 71 lbs. (NJ Red), 10-0


Nick, Luke, and Luca battled with NJ Blue to a 3rd place finish in the Green pool. Nick also garnered All-Tournament team status for his efforts! #undefeated

Nick Orejola, 87 lbs. (NJ Blue), 7-0


Congratulations to everyone who earned the privilege of representing #TeamNJ this year. 

2019 Cadet Nationals

#TeamNJ brought a couple of teams to #Spokane to compete in the 2019 USA Wrestling Cadet (16u) National Duals. We want to welcome home Andy Troczynski and Jason Smith, both of whom put together great tournaments out there!


The Blue squad earned a spot in the Gold pool, and finished up 7th in the nation. Andy put together an impressive 7-0 record for Team NJ Blue, and was named to the All-Tournament team! #alltournamentteam


Andy Troczynski, 152 lbs. (NJ Blue), 7-0


Jason helped lead the Red squad to a 3rd place in the Yellow pool. His undefeated record also garnered him All-Tournament honors! #undefeated


Jason Smith, 138 lbs. (NJ Red), 7-0


Congratulations to everyone who earned the privilege of representing #TeamNJ this year.

2019 Junior Pan-American Championships

Congratulations to #edgealumni “Sugar Shane” Griffith (79 kg) on bringin’ home a gold medal from the illustrious Junior Pan American Freestyle Championships in Guatemala City! Another congratulation to Team USA on a strong first-place team finish.

Full list of results

Read the article at the following link:

Picture from the Stanford Athletics

2019 Southeast Regionals

Congratulations to our #edgekids who competed against some very tough competition at the 2019 Southeast Regional Championships in Wilmington, North Carolina!


Anthony DiAndrea - 🥉 (3rd), 74 lbs 12U
Julia Fongaro - 🥉 (3rd), 110 lbs 14U
Aidan Yarussi - 🥉 (3rd), 67 lbs 12U
Joe Fongaro - 5th/6th (DNP), 126 lbs 16U


This trip was such a great experience for our group and our wrestlers just took another step in preparing for more challenging tournaments.


Shoutout to the U.S. Marines that were at the tournament and took pictures with our wrestlers at the podium. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for making this experience that much better for our kids! 🇺🇸

2019 Northeast Regionals

TThe 2019 Northeast Regional Freestyle Championships are in the books! We had a busy day with 25 athletes competing in every division from 8u to Junior. Congratulations to all of our boys and girls who went toe-to-toe with some of the best kids in the country!

Because of the large amount of results, please visit our social media pages to see them fully. Thank you.

2019 Freestyle Championships

We sure stayed busy this weekend with nearly 30 athletes competing at the USAW/NJ Freestyle State Championships! Congratulations to everyone who put it on the line on Sunday, and a special shoutout to those who brought home some hardware!

Nico Marchetti, 3rd @ 67 lbs.
Tommy Marchetti, 3rd @ 71 lbs.


Frankie Spagnola, 2nd @ 58 lbs.
Giovanni Conte, 4th @ 63 lbs.
Aidan Yarussi, 3rd @ 67 lbs.
Jacob Richardson, 2nd @ 70 lbs.
Anthony DiAndrea, 2nd @ 74 lbs.
Gavin Schnall, 3rd @ 78 lbs.
Nick DiFrancescantonio, 1st @ 82 lbs.


Carson Walsh, 1st @ 71 lbs.
Donny Almeyda, 1st @ 83 lbs.
Nick Orejola, 3rd @ 87 lbs.
Luke Stanich, 1st @ 97 lbs.
Julia Fongaro, 2nd @ 105 lbs.
Cross Wasilewski, 1st @ 106 lbs.
Jake Wacha, 4th @ 110 lbs.
Lou Cerchio, 1st @ 130 lbs.


Joe Fongaro, 3rd @ 126 lbs.
Jason Smith, 4th @ 138 lbs.
Andy Troczynski, 1st @ 152 lbs.
Nick Bernik, 2nd @ 152 lbs.
Colin Calvetti, 3rd @ 170 lbs.

2019 Youth State Results

Another scholastic season in the books! 40+ of our elementary and middle school athletes took to the mats to put it all on the line at the 2019 USAW/NJ Kids State Championships!


10 state finalists. 6 state champions. 16 on the podium. Congratulations to all on a great tournament and a great season!


Nico Marchetti, STATE CHAMP
Brody Neill, STATE CHAMP
Carson Walsh, STATE CHAMP
Vincenzo LaValle, STATE CHAMP
Louie Cerchio, STATE CHAMP
Gabriella Conte, STATE CHAMP

Cameron Sontz, 2nd place
Nick Orejola, 2nd place
Ryan Ford, 2nd place
Hunter Seubert, 2nd place
Alex High, 5th place
Luca Levine, 5th place
Gabriella Conte, 6th place
Nick DiFrancescantonio, 6th place
Luke Stanich, 6th place
KJ Monaco, 8th place

2019 High School State Results

Wrapping up a historic weekend that saw the first 10 New Jersey Girls State Champions crowned in Boardwalk Hall! Congratulations to all of the girls and everyone who helped make this possible! #wrestlelikeagirl #wrestlethegap


We're very proud of all of our athletes who punched their tickets to #AC! A special shoutout to everyone who brought home some hardware! #njsiaa #njwrestling #edgetrained #edgekids #podium #statechampionships

Kelly Dunnigan, 4th @ 106 lbs.
Nico Nardone, 6th @ 113 lbs.
Alex Almeyda, 7th @ 113 lbs.
Joey Olivieri, 4th @ 126 lbs.
Dom DiGena, 7th @ 126 lbs.
Luke Mazzeo, 2nd @ 132 lbs.
Wade Unger, 3rd @ 145 lbs.
Rhise Royster, 7th @ 145 lbs.

2019 College Reunion

Edge Alum from Bloomsburg and Columbia reuniting after a battle between the two teams on February 23, 2019.


Pictured from left to right: Justin Hayward, Kyle Murphy, Aaron Coleman, Danny Reed, Danny Fongaro, and Alex Carida. Also not pictured: Sam Wustefeld.

2019 Wildwood Duals

Another fun-filled weekend of wrestling down at Wildwood to conclude our scholastic dual season! Congratulations to all of our elementary and middle school athletes for putting it on the line against some of the nation’s best!


A special shoutout to those who earned All-American honors over the weekend! Great work, boys!

Johnny Barron 🥈
Cameron Sontz 🥈
Liam Carlin 🥈
Josiah Davis 🥉
Dante Deluca 🥈

Carson Walsh 🥉
Nick Orejola 🥈
Ryan Ford 🥈
Cross Wasilewski 🥈
Louie Cerchio 🥈

2019 Tyrant Duals

Back to work after a long, but successful, weekend of competition at the Tyrant Wrestling Duals!


Awesome job to both our elementary and middle school teams for great performances! 

#edgekids #edgetrained #njwrestling #pawrestling


And a special shoutout to Cross Wasilewski, who was voted #MOW for his standout, 10-0 performance! #gameface

2018 Columbus Day Duals

Another weekend of wrestling in the books with 3 teams — elementary, middle, and high school — at Tyrant Wrestling’s Columbus Day Duals! Back to the drawing board this week! Always work to be done...

2018 Fargo Cadet Results

And that's a wrap for Cadet Freestyle in Fargo!

#TeamNJ put three in the finals and nine on the podium at arguably the TOUGHEST tournament in the country, and we couldn't be more proud of Edge Wrestling's own Alex Almeyda (100 lbs.) and Alex Strashinsky (138 lbs.) for being a part of this talented group!


Alex Almeyda reached the national finals in dominant fashion, coming up just two points short of a #StopSign. As an incoming freshman, this certainly won't be his last trek out to North Dakota! Congratulations, Alex - you've got a lot to be proud of!


Alex Strashinsky finished 7th at 138 lbs., cruising to a 10-0 technical fall in the medal match! He'll be looking to build on this finish next year - awesome job, Alex!

2018 Freestyle & Greco Roman Nationals Results

Our boys put on an incredible performance at the 2018 USA Wrestling Kids Freestyle & Greco-Roman National Championships! In a weekend that saw us crown 3 National Champions and 9 All-Americans across both styles, we really finished our freestyle season in style!


Freestyle Competitors

Carson Walsh - National Champ
Vincenzo LaValle - National Champ
Cameron Sontz - 3rd place
Joey Canova - 3rd place
Donny Almeyda - 4th place
Danny Berardi - 5th place
Joe Fongaro - 6th place

Jacob Richardson
Aiden Yarussi
Anthony Pellegrino
Nick Orejola
Cross Wasilewski
Justin Ciliotta


Greco-Roman Competitors

Joey Canova - National Champ
Donny Almeyda - 3rd place

Special congratulations to Donny Almeyda on becoming a triple All-American, placing in Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman!

Edge Family Gathering

Once Edge family always Edge family - 35 years later. The Monaco and Nardone families get together. 


Pictured here:

Front row (Left to right): Emilio Jr. Nardone, Ernie Monaco Sr., Emilio “Moe” Nardone Sr


Back row (Left to right): Jen Juliano Nardone, Ernie Monaco, Joan Monaco Sr., Ernie Monaco Jr., Mia Nardone Grande, Louie Nardone

PA Kids Freestyle Duals

Wrapping up another great weekend of competition at the PA Kids Freestyle Duals at Penn State! A solid showing by our boys as we continue to push forward to #ATL! Back to the drawing board...

#njwrestling #edgetrained #edgekids #freestyle

2018 Northeast Regionals Results

We wrapped up the freestyle sessions at the Northeast Regional Championships for our Kids, Cadets, and Juniors, and Edge Alumni.

Congratulations to all the Edge wrestlers that made the trip to East Stroudsburg University and a special shoutout to those who took home some hardware!

#Fargo and #Atlanta, here we come!

Dan Fongaro, Junior 138 - 1st
Carson Walsh, Novice 67 - 1st
Cameron Sontz, Intermediate 59 - 1st
Joey Olivieri, Cadet 126 - 2nd
Luke Stanich, Schoolboy 77 - 3rd
Joe Fongaro, Schoolboy 110 - 3rd
Louie Cerchio, Schoolboy 106 - 4th
Anthony Pellegrino, Novice 63 - 4th

Michael Simonetti (Franklin & Marshall Wrestling), U23 57 KG - 1st
Ryan Pomrinca (Lehigh Wrestling), U23 65 KG - 1st
Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh Wrestling), U23 61 KG - 2nd
Troy Stanich (Stevens Wrestling), U23 70 KG - 4th

USAW-NJ Freestyle State Results

Awesome day at the USAW-NJ Freestyle State Championships! Lots of fun and lots of lessons learned - back to drawing board! #freestylestates #usawnj

A special congratulations to everyone who took home some hardware - 5 state champions and 13 state finalists! #edgetrained #njwrestling #freestyle

Carson Walsh - 1st

Louie Cerchio - 1st
Vincenzo LaValle - 1st
Joe Fongaro - 1st
Nick Olivieri - 1st
Nick DiFrancescantonio - 2nd
Danny Berardi - 2nd
Najati Salim - 2nd
Nick Orejola - 2nd

Justin Ciliotta - 2nd

Kelly Dunnigan - 2nd

Jason Smith - 2nd

Dom DiGena - 2nd

Luke Stanich - 3rd

Aiden Yarussi - 3rd

Chris Dalmau - 3rd

Dom DiFrancescantonio - 3rd (True Second)

Ethan Smith - 4th

2018 Youth State Results

And just like that, the scholastic season is in the books...awesome job to all the #edgekids who laid it on the line this weekend at the #USAWNJ Youth State Championships! #edgetrained #postseason



Ryan Ford, Junior 80 - State Champ
Louie Cerchio, Junior 105 - State Champ
Pete Delaportas, Intermediate 175 - State Champ

For our full list of placewinners, visit our social media pages!

NJSIAA State Championship Results

An awesome weekend of wrestling for the 25 athletes who carried the Edge flag in AC, 12 of whom battled their way onto the podium. A special shoutout to Joey Olivieri, Anthony Clark, and Shane Griffith for becoming the 102nd, 103rd, and 104th state champions in Edge program history! Congratulations to Shane Griffith on also becoming a 3x state champion and a 4x state finalist! To see a full list of our state placewinners this year, visit our social media pages and see our Honors Page for more details on the accomplishments of our program. 

Season Schedule Change

Important Announcement!

Spring is in the air and that means that our schedule is changing!


Starting on Monday, March 5th, 2018, in Whippany our new spring schedule will run as follows:


Youth Classes

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:30 pm


High School Classes

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 pm

USA Wrestling Card Reminder

All USA Wrestling Cards expired as of August 31, 2017. We would like to remind all Edge members to have a valid USA Wrestling Membership Card before practicing at our facilities.  Current USAW cards are mandatory.  Please make sure that if you have not already renewed your USAW membership for the 2017-18 year that you do so before attending The Edge. To see how you can renew your USAW Membership or obtain a USA Wrestling card, visit our become a member page for details!  

Thank you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Fall Division 1 Signings

Congratulations to Edge Great Shane Griffith on his recent official acceptance to the prestigious Stanford University. We would also like to congratulate five other #edgekids on locking up their commitments to continue their academic and wrestling careers at the next level. 


Additional congratulations to Andrew Gapas (Clarion), Danny Fongaro (Columbia), Gerard Angelo (Cornell), Matt Liberato (West Virginia), and Sam Wustefeld (Columbia)! 💪🎉


*Matt Liberato not pictured. Gerard Angelo picture provided by

Coach Monaco Delivers Keynote Address

Ernie Monaco, Owner and Founder of Edge Wrestling, proudly delivers the Keynote Address at the First Annual "Beat the Streets" Coaching Seminar in NYC. Coach Monaco was also the featured clinician following the keynote address providing coaches and athletes with information and examples of coaching practices and techniques. 


Also, special thanks to Brendan Buckley for putting on a great event. Special shoutout to the Zannetti Brothers at Wrestling Mindset for their contributions at the clinic. #coaching #teaching #WrestlingCulture #WrestlingFamily #GrowWrestling


Read this article for more information.

Edge Alumni Named Columbia Head Coach

Zach Tanelli was recently named Head Wrestling Coach at Columbia University and becomes the the first Edge Alumni to Head a Division 1 wrestling program. Tanelli is one of nineteen former Edge wrestlers who have or are currently coaching at the collegiate level and is a member of the prestegious Edge wall of fame. The Edge Wrestling family is very proud of Zach and would like to congratulate him on this honor and wish him the best of luck going forward. #ivyleague #edgealumni

Check back soon for more news to come!

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