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Founded in 1984 as the first amateur-wrestling school of it’s kind in the U.S.

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Become a Member

How to Get Started

If you would you like to attend a trial class or join “The Edge” please follow the steps listed below.


Step 1: Determine which class is appropriate for your child.

  1. Youth Classes (8th grade and under with a minimum age of 6)
    Any athlete above 105 pounds and in 7th or 8th grade will be considered for high school class placement.  Please contact our office to discuss this option.

  2. High School Classes (wrestlers of high school age, grades 9 - 12)


Step 2: Look at our calendar to confirm the appropriate class schedule and check for possible school closings.


Step 3: Attend a trial class. You DO NOT need to call us in advance. First-time trial members should register at the front desk before participating in a class.




All wrestlers attending trial classes are required to have a valid USA Wrestling Federation Card. The active insurance card number needs to be provided to our office before any new student will be allowed to participate. All Edge members must have and maintain active USA Wrestling Card status in order to participate in classes.



To obtain a USA Wrestling Card or renew your USAW Membership: 
1. Go to and create a new account on their new system (if you have not already done so).
2. Log in to your account.
3. Once logged in, under Memberships, press "Go To Memberships". 
4. Press "Purchase Membership" on that screen and continue the process by following the prompts provided.

There is no fee for one trial class for new members.


The Edge does not allow trial visits for wrestlers competing in the state tournament at either age group (kids or high school) during the 3 weeks prior to the corresponding state tournament. High school wrestlers actively competing in the districts, regions, or states or youth wrestlers who have qualified for the kids states cannot participate in a trial visit at The Edge until their season has ended and they are no longer competing in the state events. Any athlete not actively competing in the state tournament whose season has ended is welcome to attend a trial visit at any time. Wrestlers who have advanced on to the state tournament interested in The Edge should wait for their trial visit until after the state tournament has concluded.