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Private Instruction

Private instruction is offered by appointment only. Students seeking personalized service and attention should speak to someone on staff to make arrangements. Please keep in mind that the demand for this service usually exceeds our ability to accommodate everyone interested in this type of service especially during the competitive wrestling season. Members are given the first opportunity to fill available time slots that open. It should be noted that most people doing lessons or small group instruction do it year-round and on an ongoing basis or as part of their weekly training regiment. These factors have forced us to create a list of applicants looking for lessons from which we pull from and fill our openings when they occur. 

The duration of all lessons is one hour.


Private lessons are the mechanism The Edge uses to deliver personal services supporting a wrestler's development. Examples of this would be: video or film review, scouting, and personalize match preparation, counseling, and addressing the mental aspects of the sport. Private instruction is offered in addition to the standard group classes.

Small-Group lessons can be a great supplement and addition to regular Edge classes. Lesson groups are usually composed of 2 to 4 students or wrestlers similar in age and experience levels. Small group lessons offer the athlete a more compatible partner than that of the one to one lesson, where the coach is the partner. In addition, Small Group instruction offers the athlete the ability to see and watch new techniques being demonstrated on other group members rather than having to only feel the techniques being done on themselves. To make arrangements for small group instruction please speak to someone at our respective site office.


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