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Special Thanks

The Edge would like to acknowledge all of those who have helped us along the way.  We look back at our journey of over three decades with fond memories and great appreciation for all of those who have helped make it possible. 
Special thanks to the all of the coaches and athletes who have assisted and given back to the program throughout the years; and those who continue to do so.  We sincerely thank you.
Below is a list of some people we could remember and would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank for their contributions.

Bob Angen 
Jay Adams and Dad

Dave Barry
Dave Bender Sr.

Dave Best
Walter Bennett

Marta and Sal Bivona 

Vincent Caruso
Joe and Lucille Cerreto 

Neil Delatore
Roxanne Esposito

Dave Esposito

Dave Ferrell Sr. 

Tony Francesca 

Greg Francesca

Tony Guidice 

Danny and Colleen Ialeggio 

Hank & Louis Lewis

Lou Mascola Sr.

Magaldo Family

Mr. McKormick

Monaco Family

Mark Murray

Moe and Coco Nardone 

Chris Nash 

Laura Pomrinca 

Tina & Steve Povalac

Anthony Priore Sr.

Glenn Pritzlaff

Tom and Judy Swick 

Kevin Sicola

Scott Tannelli 

Rich Tavoso 

William and Charlie Templeton

Otan Tezucar

Jerry Woods

Craig Woods

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