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High School

Grades 9 - 12
Boys & Girls
The Edge offers High School Classes for wrestlers in grades nine through twelve. Grade school athletes deemed ready for this level are also eligible to participate. The class is designed for the high school wrestler looking to improve their skills and take their wrestling to the next level. The primary objective is to maximize growth and help each and every athlete achieve their true potential. The curriculum is designed to supplement the athlete's high school program. Classes are homogeneously grouped to provide a better, more comfortable learning environment.
High School

Youth Class

Age 6 through 8th Grade
Up to approximately 125 lbs
Boys & Girls
The Edge offers Youth Classes for children ages 6 through 13 or grade 8. The primary objective of the Youth Class is to develop and establish a solid foundation through the teaching of basic fundamental skills needed for success at every competitive level. The Edge youth curriculum is designed toward the long-term success of the athlete and fostering a learning process of continued growth. Students in our youth class often create friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Edge Youth Program is one of the most highly respected and quality youth programs in the country. It is responsible for producing the large majority of our most accomplished wrestlers. Please see our Honors list to view these accomplishments.
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