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Ernie Monaco Jr.





​Ernie is the son of the owner and founder of Edge Wrestling. Ernie Jr. currently has many roles at The Edge, including the Office Manager, Edge Photographer, and Webmaster.  Ernie also manages Edge Social Media accounts on Facebook, "X", and Instagram. Ernie is a USA Wrestling Certified Coach, has some wrestling experience, and has been around the sport his entire life. Ernie serves as Summer Training coordinator, and has many business responsibilities at our Warren location. Formerly, a student at The College of New Jersey, Ernie worked there as a Wrestling Manager while pursuing his Bachelor's in Integrated STEM Education and a minor in Computer Science. He earned his Bachelor's in August of 2020 and his Masters of Arts in Teaching in Special Education in May 2021. Ernie is currently a Special Education Teacher in Long Hill Township School District.

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